Tenuta di Castellaro

An enchanting location ready to be discovered: a natural environment where wine is the absolute “first lady”, where the cuttings grow to become saplings in full respect of their origins.

You will be welcomed by a virgin territory, where your own eyes will be able to enjoy the sight of nectar ripening into wine. A unique territory that goes beyond the passion for wine to pay tribute to nature, man and traditions.

At Tenuta di Castellaro the scent of the sea reaches the vinyards, inebriating everything: each spot is the perfect spot for a shot, each corner is the perfect corner for a very unique experience. Like the dock overlooking Alicudi, Filicudi and Salina, where events and tastings find their ideal set at sunset.

And right in the middle of the vineyards scenting of sea, grapes and soil, three old ruins are brought back to life in the form of exclusive micro-apartments with all comforts, designed following modern technologies, though in the full respect of nature.

Pomice, Ossidiana e Caolino will be the first three accommodations ready for you to enjoy the Tenuta at the utmost. All three micro-apartments are equipped with a large external lava stone pool, to complete the patio equipped with comfortable sofas and chaise longue for unforgettable moments of total relax.

Indulge in a dreamy landscape, lose yourself in a sensual mix of scents, flavors and warm colors…enter Paradise…


For info & reservations go to http://www.tenutadicastellaro.it/en