VIP SERVICE ITALIA specializes in a full range of services and tourist activities in Venice and the surrounding area. Our philosophy is for our guests to feel and live a unique, extraordinary and never-to-be-forgotten experience in Venice, a city known and loved for its thousand years of history, art and culture. We offer our guests the highest quality professional services to satisfy the expectations and needs of a public that demands the finest.

Whether your clients are in Venice as tourists, on a business trip or to celebrate an important event, we will make their stay comfortable, safe, perfect in every detail, full of delightful surprises that will make their Venetian experience one to remember. They will bask in comfort and luxury in the finest and most refined lodgings in the heart of Venice. We will pamper them. We will bring to life the unmatched and unmatchable atmosphere of ‘’La Serenissima’’, when Venice was at the height of its maritime power, in an ecstasy of sight, taste and emotion.

With us they will savour Venetian cuisine, a heritage of Venice’s centuries long history of knowledge and commerce with distant and exotic lands. They will dine as they have never dined and they will sleep in a 17th century palazzo of noble pedigree or in a hotel du charme with a view of the Grand Canal. In a gondola, just for them, they will come close up to the hidden byways of Venice. Or, perhaps, they would like to view the Venetian Lagoon from high up: we can arrange a tour by a twin-motor plane, or make them caress the waters of the lagoon and its many tiny islands in a sailboat. We will take them to the centuries old workshops where glass-blowing is still a high art. Or, a visit to see how Venice’s celebrated carnival masks are artistically hand made. Or, a cooking lesson with a renowned chef who just may share secrets of traditional Venetian dishes. They may choose to tour the Venetian “terraferma”. An automobile of their dreams will take them to the country villas designed by Palladio for the Venetian aristocracy. For wine enthusiasts, a visit to the hill country north of Venice, the terroir of Prosecco and Cartizze. Children? No problem. We will care for them if your clients want some quiet hours alone. A personal trainer? Someone to guide them through fine shopping areas? Please, just ask. All this and much more is only a click away on our website.

Getting married in Venice, perhaps the most romantic city in the world, has become virtually a must for countless couples from all over the world. VIP SERVICE ITALIA offers expert and experienced marriage planning, personalized attention to meet your clients’ wishes and needs. Upon request, we will arrange wedding rings, gowns, photo service, flower arrangements, catering, bureaucratic necessities for either a civil or religious ceremony. We will assist them to make their dream of a wedding in Venice become a fairy tale come true.