Molten glass magic

Glassblowing class

Glassmaking had already become an integral part of life in Venetian lagoon in the 7th century B.C. Furthermore, after the year 100 A.D. its production has become so important that it was protected by specific laws: the furnaces used to create the molten glass were a constant fire hazard in the narrow streets of Venice. As a consequence, all the glass workshops were moved to Murano. It was 1291. Since then, glassblowing achieved the highest splendor, particularly during the Art Nouveau period, when artists like Lalique, Dammouse and Tiffany sought out the glassblowers of Murano to produce their famous work.

As a result of this experience, during the mid-20th century, real masters of the art began to emerge in Murano. Their works are highly coveted objects true collectors’ items which are often displayed at museums of glass factories show-rooms.

So now come on in and get a taste of the ancient art of glassblowing. This sampler class is the best way to enjoy the excitement of playing with melted glass while making your very own souvenir. You will learn how to gather glass from the furnace, and then control and shape it.

You will realize that crafting autentic Murano glass is not easy task and that’s why it does not come cheap. Furthermore, with your own trophy in your hand, you will have the proof that each piece is unique, meaning that small imperfections are an integral part of the value of the object.

Finally, if your own production is not enough for you, you will have a huge amount of woderful items of display to choose among!

Departure: day and time to be fixed upon availability

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes + visit to the showroom