Ghosts wandering in the dusk

Venetian legends and ghosts stories

Ghosts wandering around in the dark small streets, souls of strangled young ladies whispering, beheaded old men asking for revenge, shadows of betrayed brides calling you…the romance of Venice is only the trick to attract you…but when the dusk displaces the sun…there she goes…the lady of the lagoon throws her mask away! Shudder at the phantoms’ whispering…the revenge of the restless souls is on!

The tour includes the following:

  • One and a half hour tour on foot with a private guide in the dusk walking through one of the “ghost story tour” created by Alberto Toso Fei in his famous books (
  • Book including the tour ghost stories (1 for each tour)
  • Welcome letter from Alberto Toso Fei

Departure: every day at the time required; suggested pick up time 7.00 p.m.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Cà Dario, the cursed palace on the Grand Canal

Mastelli palace, simply known as "casa del cammello" (camel house)

Skeleton of St. Mark's bell-ringer who sold hi soul to the devil

Campo dei Mori

The statue of Bartolomeo Colleen, in Campo SS. Giovanni e Paolo

The gobbo (hunched man) in Rialto

Piazzetta S. Marco

Ponte del Diavolo (devil's bridge) in Torcello

Poveglia, the haunted island

Campiello del REmer

Riva de Biasio

The "bad luck" pillars

La vecchia del mortaio (the old mortar lady) who saved the Republic

Pirats boat