A bit of Venetian art and architecture

An unusual walk

This two hours private tour is the perfect way to discover the art and architecture of Venice, away from the buzzing crowds, experience the hidden masterpieces in this glorious chocolate box city of delights.  
If you have little formal knowledge of art or architecture but are keen to become fully immersed in the aesthetic beauty of Venice, then this is the tour for you! 
Your expert guide will take you through the labyrinth of narrow alleys, “calli”, numerous bridges, winding canals and across wide picturesque “campi” or squares providing you with examples of the development of typical Venetian architectural genres. Admire the magnificent cathedral of Saints Giovanni and Paolo, you will be able enjoy this gothic architectural structure, with the largest stained window in Venice, and listen to the story about the resting place of the Venetian Doges. Your official guide will be pleased to answer any of your questions regarding the history of these fascinating works of art.  
You will also have the opportunity see the Miracoli Church, a hidden jewel in this remarkable city of water. 
Recently restored, admire the renaissance facade and discover the origins of this unexpected miniature church.
The former residence of Marco Polo, probably the most famous Venetian merchant, and the surrounding Corte del Milion is also part of the itinerary of this tour and will provide you with further understanding on the evolution of the broad range of artistic and architectural influences you can witness around the city.

Departure:every day at the time required; suggested pick up time 10.00 a.m.

Duration: 2 hours


Chiesa Santi Giovanni e Paolo

Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo

Marco Polo's house

Church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo by Francesco Guardi

Marco Polo

Sig on Marco Polo's house

Corte seconda del Milion

Domes of Miracoli church

Inside the Miracoli church

Miracoli Church

Church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo - Trinity chapel by Leonardo da Bassano

Church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo - Pio V

Church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo - Doge's tomb

Church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo - The adoration of the shepherds by Veronese

Church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo