Why Vernon Tours

On June 4th, 2016 we got married. For a certain number of reasons we do not want to bother you with, we decided for San Francisco as our honeymoon destination. Being it a stay of 10 days, we picked up a tour to the Yosemite to spend one day outside the city.

The excursion was great and the park one of the most fascinating place we've ever seen. But, above all, there was our guide. We liked him from his first "Hello" and once on board the minivan he started to talk about San Francisco, about the Yosemite, about the USA, about his own life and travels. 

He was so passionate in his travel stories that he made us wish to live our lives the same way he does: "My goal is to build a life I don't need a vacation from".

He really is the ESSENCE of travel.

His name is VERNON