'More 'ndemo a bacari?

The 10 tastings

A genuine Venetian, at a certain time in the late afternoon, just after work, goes “a bacari” and invites those around him using the words “’more, ‘ndemo a bacari?”. Not everyday, but often. And you will do the same.

But what does it mean “’ndemo a bacari”? What will you do exactly?

You will walk with your guide, who will illustrate the most important culinary traditions in Venice and, most important, you will stop on the way in some selected “bacari”, our typical small “taverns”, where you can taste our “cicheti”, a sort of tapas (meatballs, boiled eggs with anchovies, fried fish, boiled octopus, sweet and sour sardines, creamy salt cod and many more). Together with cicheti you can’t miss a glass of wine, which is called “ombra”. One “ombra” was in the past a specific quantity of wine; the Italian word “ombra” means “shadow” and of course it has its own story: we do not want to waste the surprise of the guide’s narration by telling it ourselves…

Instead of an “ombra” (or, why not?, just after it), you can also taste the Spritz, the famous Venetian aperitiv, which, now popular all over Italy, was born here when Venice was part ot the Austrian Empire.

Departure: every day at 10.00 / 2.00 p.m.

Duration: 3 hours

Meeting point: by the statue in Campo Manin


Sepoine roste - grilled cuttlefish

A traditional "bacaro"

Mozzarella in carrozza - fried mozzarella cheese

Pastisso de pesse - fish lasagna

...another traditional bacaro

El crostin col bacalà mantecato - slice of bread with codfish purea

Involtini di roastbeaf - Roastbeaf rolls

Mesi vovi duri co l'aciuga - half boiled eggs with anchovies

Folpetti lessi - boiled octopus


Scartosso de pesse fritto - mixed fried fish served in a cone 

Bacaro alternativo - unconventional bacaro

A bit bacaro, a bit grocery...

Cheese selection served with honey

The tastiest ice cream in Venice!

Column in Campo San Luca

Fish market area in Rialto

Rialto bridge

"Nizioleto" sign for Riva del Carbon, one of the street beside Rialto bridge

The statue of Daniele Manin in Campo Manin, our meeting point

The winged lion, symbol of Venice, under the statue of Daniele Manin

Bovolo stair 

Gondola in Campo Manin

Campo Manin

Insegna a ricordo di Daniele Manin in Campo Manin

Daniele Manin

Well at the entrance of the palace Contarini del Bovolo

Bacaro sign

Campo San Bartolomio

Laudry by Campo San  Bartolomio

On top of Rialto bridge

On top of Rialto bridge

Palazzo dei Camerlenghi as seen from the top of Rialto bridge

The "fondaco dei tedeschi" as seen from the top of Rialto bridge

The Grand Canal as seen from the top of Rialto bridge

Sign of the "naranzeria" area in Rialto market

Campo San Giacometo

Bancogiro "sotoportego" (arcade) in Campo San Giacometo

San Giacometo chirch - the clock

San Giacometo church

Rialto "hunchback" man

The "erbaria" area in Rialto Market

The "casaria" area in Rialto Market

The new fish market in Rialto

Street sign in Rialto market area

Campo San Polo

Frari church

Palace owned by a "capitano da mar" (sort of admiral)

Glimpse of the Frari church

Campo Santa Margherita

Ponte dei Pugni (fist bridge)

Foot print on the fist bridge

View from the top of the fist bridge

Fruit boat market by the fist bridge

View from the top of the fist bridge

Traditional Venetian chimneys