Walking with Shylock


The shakespearian walks in Venice, Verona and Padua are the new activity of the "Shakespeare in Veneto" project born in 2016 celebrating the 400 years after William Shakespeare's death, representing Shakespeare's works in the cities of the Veneto Region where they were set by the author.

The project Shakespeare in Veneto is a collaboration between Ornella Naccari, P.R. Marketing – Communication and Casa Shakespeare, theatrical production center of Verona under the artistic direction of Solimano Pontarollo,  

During the shakespearian walks, actor and actresses perform in original English language or in Italian. Guide explain in Italian or English but also in French, German and Spanish.

A walk with the Merchant of Venice

The perfect mix of tour and theater: a live show in 4 different scenes following the footsteps of “The Merchant of Venice” from Rialto to the Jewish Ghetto.

Our itinerant theater will begin in Campo San Giacometo in Rialto, heart of the merchants’ trades and business since the 16th Century. We will then take the gondola ferry (cost € 2,00 per person) to reach the Cannaregio district, where, among historical facts, oddities and anecdotes, we will reach Campo dell’Abbazia, where Shylock will try to discourage her daughter Jessica from hanging out with the Christians and her beloved Lorenzo.

Not far from there, in campo della Madonna dell’Orto (a beautiful small church enriched by great Tintoretto’s works), we will assist to the rage of Shylock who remembers all the injustice suffered because of his faith.

A quick glimpse of Tintoretto’s house while crossing Campo dei Mori and we will finally be in front of the “Banco Rosso” in the Jewish Ghetto, to assist to Shylock’s final defeat.


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