Cucina in voga


A cooking lesson from Venetian mums

The idea of a cooking class was born from the deep love of three friends for Venice, a city that offers an extraordinary variety of food and recipes. The three girls have in common the passion for cooking and the deep desire to share how a Venetian mother is able to juggle her pots and pans and to show you how it works with the groceries here. You will explore the Rialto market with the chef who will show you how to identiify the best and freshest ingredients, from which tou will create exquisite dishes. You will than take your bags bursting with flavor to the Palazzo where the class will be taking place and enjoy learning whilst tasting Venetian specialties which you will be able to effortlessly recreate when you return home.

So pick a day, a menu amog the ones indicated below and book your lesson!

Menu del Dogeherbs and aromatic spices

Potato gnocchi with butter and cinnamon

Venetian style liver

Stuffed grilled tomatoes


Menu del fritointraditional and fried

Aubergine “alla parmigiana”

Battered vegetables

Mozzarella in carrozza

Crema fritta

Menu del mercatothe daily Venetian catch

Homemade pasta (pick from tagliatelle, malfatti or bigoli) with fish sauce

Fish of the day

Seasonal vegetables


Menu del becherspecialty meat dishes

Homemade stuffed ravioli


Stuffed zucchini

“Zaeti” bisquits with cream

Departure: every day but  Sunday at 9.15 a.m.

Duration: 5 hours approx.


Branzino ready for the oven

Crema fritta (fried cream)

Liver Venetian style

Fresh gnocchi

Mozzarella in carrozza

Parmigiana aubergines


Baked tomatoes

Mushrooms ravioli

Fish tagliatelle

Fried vegetables

Zaeti biscuits

Stuffed zucchini