Beyond the gondola


The boats in Venice

Venice=gondola. True or false? FALSE

If you like to know how things work, you're a boat-lover, or have children to entertain, you'll be interested in the different types of boat which plough through the waters and canals of Venice and its lagoon.

Apart from the car parks by the mainland bridge, and a private port area, all transport in Venice is by boat. And the more you think about it, the more difficulties that represents. Deliveries, emergency services, taxis - everything that is done on wheels in other cities must here be done by boat.

So boats are a major part of everyday life, not just for passenger transport but for pretty much everything else, too. This is very helpful for parents with children - architecture and churches might get boring, but who can get bored of boat-spotting? You could try setting your children challenges to spot as many of the types of boat as possible in the list that the hostess will give you at the beginning of the tour.

The tour will be ending in the Giudecca island; we suggest to have lunch in a restaurant with lagoon view, just above the shipyard (closed on Monday)

After lunch, you can use your daily vaporetto pass to go back to the stop nearest to your hotel.

Departure: be at the meeting point at 9.40 a.m. 

Duration: 4 hours approximately

Alilaguna public service


Private boat

Private "bat-spider" boat

Goods delivery at The Westin Europa & Regina hotel

Canoes at the shipyard



Shipyard restaurant

Shipyard restaurant

Shipyard restaurant view

Gondola "ferro"

Ferry boat for car transportation

Fridge boat

Gondola at the shipyard

Traditional historical gondola

Gondola decoration getting ready

Gondola at the shipyard

Gondola decorator

Lagoon police

"Peata", boat for transportation of building material

Mooring service

The meaning of gondola "ferro"



Regatta prize

Telephone society


"Topa" for goods transportation

"Squero", gondola shipyard

Goods transportation

Vaporetto public line #2

Vaporetto "motoscafo" public line #6